Perennial Software provides application software development, maintenance, support and staff augmentation services. We specialize in providing technology specific consulting, application development, administration and maintenance. Since its start in 2005 by IT Professionals, Perennial has been focused on a single objective to help our clients succeed in their business. We have established ourselves by staying abreast of technology that is upwardly mobile and in being fleet-footed enough to power our clients into the future. Looking forward to the future we are diligent in our objective to creating an indelible mark in the field of Information Techonology Services.
Technology Focus
Domain Knowledge
Our practices on technology platforms. The technology specific focus allows us to provide our clients leading edge development and support. As a specialized software development house our clients will not only get the latest techniques deployed but also have an awareness of where the technology is headed in the next generation.
Our technology specific consultants have strong domain knowledge in their areas of interest in addition to in-depth technical skills. This allows the customer to reap immediate benefits as soon as we start engaging with them. The wide exposure of our consultants to the different sectors brings with it the advantage of our clients receiving the latest best practices in their domains. Our consultants have years of expertise in such industries as manufacturing, financial services and the public sector.